What is “Safe Schools” really about?

This website documents some of the individuals and organisations behind the so-called “Safe Schools” program, and related programs, currently operating in Australian primary and secondary schools.

It is our view that taxpayer funding for these programs must be immediately removed, and the content banned from all Australian schools. Furthermore, those responsible for these programs should be blacklisted from any future involvement in the education of Australian children.

Senator Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives party has recently put out a video warning that:

“If same-sex marriage is given legal recognition, it will become mandatory for schools to teach children inappropriate sexual materials such as “Safe Schools” and others like it, often without parental consent. It is also likely that parents will have little right to object to this.”


The Australian “Safe Schools” Program & La Trobe University

The Australian “Safe Schools” program was developed by La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS), which employs academics who have expressed views about politics, children and sex, that parents will be very interested to hear.

The American Origins of the “Safe Schools” Concept

The “Safe Schools” concept was pioneered by American homosexual activist Kevin Jennings in the early 1990s. Jennings has intimate connections with the paedophilia liberation movement, and was inspired by the communist and NAMBLA-supporter Harry Hay.

Canadian “Safe Schools” Architect Convicted of Child Porn

In 2015 one of the primary instigators of the Canadian incarnation of the “Safe Schools” program was convicted on charges of child porn and counselling a ‘mother’ (who was really an undercover police officer) to rape her child.