The American Origins of the “Safe Schools” Concept

The concept for the ‘Safe Schools’ program originated in the United States. In the early 1990s, a radical homosexual high school teacher in the US state of Massachusetts devised a ‘teaching’ program that would indoctrinate school children into supporting, promoting, and experimenting with, homosexuality. The program was ingeniously marketed to parents as an anti-bullying program designed to ‘protect children’ and ‘provide a safe environment’.

The teacher’s name was Kevin Jennings.

Kevin Jennings

Jennings was a member of the infamously violent homosexual activist group ‘ACT UP‘, who are known for desecrating Churches and using pornographic campaign materials. In 1988 he created the first ever so-called “gay-straight alliance” student group in the United States, and in 1990 he founded the ‘Gay and Lesbian School Teachers Network’ (later renamed the ‘Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network’ or GLSEN – often pronounced ‘glisten’).

In 1992, Jennings was appointed by the Massachusetts government to co-chair the education committee of the ‘Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth’. He was the principal author of a commission report titled “Making Schools Safe for Gay & Lesbian Youth”, which was subsequently adopted as state policy for public schools.

Jennings expanded his operation nationally in the US education system, and went on to author and edit six books on the subject of promoting homosexuality in American schools. These books were:

  • Becoming visible : a reader in gay & lesbian history for high school & college students (1994)
  • One teacher in 10 : gay and lesbian educators tell their stories (1st ed.)(1994)
  • Telling tales out of school : gays, lesbians, and bisexuals revisit their school days (1998)
  • Always my child : a parent’s guide to understanding your gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or questioning son or daughter (2003)
  • One teacher in 10 : LGBT educators share their stories (2nd ed.)(2005)
  • Mama’s boy, preacher’s son : a memoir (2006)

Four of these books were published by ‘Alyson Publications’, a notorious US homosexual publisher with a long history of publishing pro-paedophilia books. Some of their titles include “Paedophilia: The Radical Case” by Tom O’Carroll, “The Age Taboo” by Daniel Tsang, and “Gay Sex: A Manual for Men who Love Men” by Jack Hart, which provides paedophiles with a list of recommendations (authored by NAMBLA) to help them avoid angry parents and the police.


Alyson Publications has also produced pro-homosexual books for children like ‘Heather Has Two Mommies‘ and ‘Daddy’s Roommate‘.

In his book titled ‘One Teacher in 10’ Jennings says he counselled a 15-year-old boy named Brewster in the spring of 1988. The boy had met an older man in a Boston public toilet and had gone home with him.

Jennings’ only advice to Brewster was to “use a condom“.

On the 25th of October 1997, at a GLSEN conference in New York, Jennings praised Harry Hay, a communist and early homosexual activist, as his inspiration. Hay is considered the father of the modern ‘gay’ movement, and had co-founded one of the earliest pro-homosexual organisations in the United States, the ‘Mattachine Society’. He was also a prominent supporter of the infamous pro-paedophilia organisation NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association).

“One of the people that’s always inspired me is Harry Hay, who started the first ongoing gay rights groups in America. In 1948, he tried to get people to join the Mattachine Society. It took him two years to find one other person who would join.”


Harry Hay (1912-2002)

Hay had given keynote speeches and led panel discussions at several NAMBLA conferences; openly told stories about how wonderful his own experiences were as a young teenager having sex with adult men; and wrote a blurb for a pro-NAMBLA book. At ‘gay pride’ parades in both 1986 and 1994, Hay had marched with pro-NAMBLA banners, and the NAMBLA website quotes Hay making the following statement at a public forum at New York University in 1983:

“…if the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world.”

Left: Harry Hay marches in the 1986 Los Angeles’ Gay Pride’ Parade wearing a pro-NAMBLA banner. | Right-Top: Harry Hay marches in the 1994 ‘Stonewall 25’ homosexual pride parade in support of NAMBLA (The NAMBLA banner is the darker one behind the ‘Spirit of Stonewall’ banner). | Right-Bottom: Harry Hay at a 1984 NAMBLA conference in San Francisco.

Jennings’ praise of Hay wasn’t a one-off. He had also edited a book, designed for high school students, that dedicated an entire chapter to Hay, presenting him as a hero of the homosexual movement. It was clear that Jennings knew about Hay’s support for NAMBLA because this book, titled ‘Becoming Visible‘, extensively referenced a biography of Hay called ‘The Trouble with Harry Hay‘ that contained those details.

In March 2000, GLSEN held one of their annual ‘Safe Schools’ conferences at Tufts University in Massachusetts. This conference was sponsored by the state government, and about 200 school children were in attendance, during school hours, without parental supervision.

During the conference, children as young as 12 were instructed by adults (government employees) how to perform a range of dangerous and perverted sexual acts, including ‘fisting‘, the practice of pushing the entire hand into the anus or vagina. One of the workshop sessions had teachers discussing whether to “spit or swallow” during oral sex, with one teacher adding “I don’t know the calorie count of cum”.

Scott Whiteman, the head of an organisation called the ‘Parents’ Rights Coalition’ (now called ‘Mass Resistance’), secretly attended and recorded some of these sessions:

At the same conference, various kits were handed out to school children, which included things like condoms, latex gloves, lubricant and information pamphlets. One of the pamphlets gives advice on how to perform a variety of perverted sexual acts, including ‘fisting’. Another provides information on how the children can use hormone injections to change their gender. Yet another provides information on abortion, contraception and sterilisation.


Despite a parental uproar, Jennings continued to support this obscene material. Indeed, at the following year’s conference, security maintained a strict ban on cameras and recorders, so GLSEN could continue without another public scandal. Activists at the 2001 conference again handed out these “fisting kits” to school children, who were present in even larger numbers than the previous year.

Future GLSEN “Safe Schools” conferences in Massachusetts have proven even worse. The 2005 conference saw a booklet titled “The Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century” handed out to the hundreds of school children again in attendance. The booklet presents ‘water sports’ (urinating on each other) as an acceptable sexual practice if certain safety precautions are taken. ‘Fisting’ is again promoted, along with ‘rimming’ (licking your partner’s anus), and a list of ‘gay’ bars and clubs is recommended for “discerning queerboys“.

Pages from a booklet given to hundreds of school children at the April 2005 GLSEN conference in Massachusetts, US.

It should be noted that Jennings was still leading the organisation at this time, and delivering keynote speeches at these conferences.

GLSEN was also providing book recommendations to school children. These books were apparently “reviewed by GLSEN staff for quality and appropriateness of content.” Here are excerpts from a few of those books:

From a book titled ‘Reflections of a Rock Lobster’ by Aaron Fricke [pg. 13]:

“My sexual exploits with my neighborhood playmates continued. I lived a busy homosexual childhood, somehow managing to avoid venereal disease through all my toddler years. By first grade I was sexually active with many friends. In fact, a small group of us regularly met in the grammar school lavatory to perform fellatio on one another. A typical week’s schedule would be Aaron and Michael on Monday during lunch; Michael and Johnny on Tuesday after school; Fred and Timmy at noon Wednesday; Aaron and Timmy after school on Thursday. None of us ever got caught, but we never worried about it anyway. We all understood that what we were doing was not to be discussed freely with adults but we viewed it as a fun sort of confidential activity. None of us had any guilty feelings about it; we figured everyone did it. Why shouldn’t they?”


From a book titled ‘Queer 13’ edited by Clifford Chase [pg. 43-45]:

“One day, on the bus to shop class, this ugly fuck of a man sat behind me and put his foot in the crack of my seat…He tried a little small talk, but then he suddenly and very nervously put his hand on my crotch. It never occurred to me to tell him not to. I’m not sure if I agreed to it or not, but he managed to get me to follow him to a nearby rest room at another secondary school “to play.” In the bathroom stall, lit by two scant rows of fluorescent lights, half of them burnt-out or flickering, he tried to kiss me, but I was too nauseated to do that. He sucked my nipples and played with my cock. I had no idea what to do. He then tried to get me to suck his. Somehow I knew this was expected of me, but I just could not put his ugly, foul-smelling penis into my mouth. When he forced it in I gagged so hard I started vomiting. Undaunted, he tried to put his cock in my ass. Thankfully, he came prematurely…

This incident should have soured me on men, but it only made me more confused and needful. One day later, something accidental happened that would change my life. I discovered that at a urinal I could actually see someone else’s penis. I was ecstatic and fearful, but I wanted more. One day, at a local shopping mall, as I was trying to sneak a peek at penises in the rest rooms, a man at the urinal actually turned to me and started playing with himself. He flashed me a gold-toothed smirk and motioned for me to come over. Shocked, I zippered up and ran out, but the seeds had been laid. The whole world of rest-room sex had opened itself up to me…While my classmates wondered what sex was like, content to masturbate over pinups, I was out there having my cock sucked and my ass fucked. These were grown men I was tricking with.”


From a book titled ‘In Your Face’ by Mary L. Gray [pg. 150]:

“But I know in the immediate future I want a very healthy relationship, because I’ve never really had a healthy relationship. The closest I’ve had was with a guy that I met at the lake when we lived in Davenport. I just met him at the lake, and he already had a boyfriend and stuff. I just walked up to him and said, “Do you want to fuck?” and we did. For a week. And then I went home because I couldn’t handle it anymore. The relationship I had with my cousin was very, very twisted, and I didn’t like hiding it. I mean, he was my cousin, and so it feels rather disgusting. But I think that you’re gonna fall in love with whomever you’re gonna fall in love with.”


From a book titled ‘Revolutionary Voices’ edited by Amy Sonnie [pg. 7]:

“As a little boy growing up, i used ta sit in the bathtub, take the little spikey thing u put soap on, n lay on it, press my little pre-pubescent dick on it hard, impale myself, sometimes until i bled.

Then i’d take it, bloodied n bruised, n tuck it between my legs, standing in front of the mirror, pushing the fat that wuz my chest together, seeing what it would b like ta have cleavage, thinking

Perhaps i could escape my fate by becoming a woman, i wondered what it’d b like ta have a pussy, what it would b like ta cut it off, ta simply not have it around no more.”


In 2006 Jennings published his memoir titled ‘Mama’s Boy, Preacher’s Son‘. In it he tells of his unrepentant illicit drug abuse, and fantasizes about torturing anyone opposed to his ‘Safe Schools’ homosexual indoctrination program. On page 224 of the book, he writes:

“I started thinking that I needed to view every lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender child as if they were my children and fight for them. This responsibility made me want to grab by the throat every timid administrator, every equivocating school board member, all of whom did nothing, and hold their heads under water until they begged for mercy and promised they’d protect my kids.”

In May 2009, the Obama administration appointed Jennings to be the ‘Safe Schools Czar’, a prominent position in the US Department of Education. This allowed Jennings to use millions of American federal taxpayers dollars to establish and fund ‘Safe Schools’ programs in schools all over the United States.

The 2009 appointment triggered a public scandal, but very few mainstream media outlets carried the story. One outlet that did cover it was FOX News:

53 Republican members of the House of Representatives signed a letter to the Obama administration that called for Jennings’ dismissal but, despite knowing about Jennings’ history, President Obama and his Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, refused to sack him.

Jennings would go on to serve in the position for two years, organising and funding ‘Safe Schools’ programs in Arizona, California, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin and more.


In April 2015, there was yet another ‘Safe Schools’ conference caught pushing obscene sexual behaviour on high school students. In the US state of Iowa, the ‘Safe Schools’-sponsored ‘Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth’ featured a speaker teaching young ‘transgender’ girls how to sew fake testicles into their underwear so they could look more like boys. Another speaker wore a dress made of condoms, so they could be easily detached and “used as needed.” Other presentations included orgy anecdotes, instructions on breast binding, and information on attaining hormone treatments for delaying puberty.

To conclude the conference, a ‘drag queen’ named Coco Peru delivered an expletive-laden presentation, and advised students to slash the tyres of any car that has Christian bumper stickers opposing homosexuality. All this at what was, ostensibly, an “anti-bullying” conference.

The father of one young attendee is quoted saying:

“When she got there, it wasn’t really on bullying; it was basically a sexual education class for same-sex couples…One presenter told students who asked whether anal sex hurt that, as a lesbian, it really depended on how big the device is that their partner straps on…My daughter went to listen to the comedian, Sam Killermann, thinking it would at least be funny, but instead, Killermann explained how pleasurable it is for gay couples to eat each other’s behinds and how to use different flavors of [oils] to make it taste better.”



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