Bridge Base Online

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Bridge Base Online

Bridge Base Online Play 4.0 is an award winning internet application by Apps Studio, Inc. The company was founded by five successful entrepreneurs with over 20 years of industry experience. The team is made up of three legendary computer engineers and one software engineer. Together they have over six years of experience in developing software products for corporations. This is their second release of the popular Bridge Base application which offers consumers a full range of innovative features.

Bridge Base Online plays perfect blend of puzzle and chance, requiring players to make intelligent decisions while playing. The Bridge Base internet application contains a variety of challenging game modes including Bridge Base Scrabble, Ultimate Bridge Scrabble and trivia games that require players to apply logic and critical thinking to score as many points as possible. Online players can take on the role of any of the 16 international Bridge Base competitors or choose from the exciting Pro Challenges that pit one against all to see who has the most skill.

The Bridge Base Scrabble internet application challenges players to build a simple bridge over a series diagrams. Upon completion, players will earn a set of four dice with which to roll their bridge over. When rolling the bridge, it will stop over one of the crosshairs, revealing a square containing a number or letter of your choice. Competing with other players can be fun and challenging, but it’s not easy. If you are ready to take your bridge building skills to the next level, download the free version of the Bridge Base Online and get started immediately.

With the Bridge Base Online, you are given sixty-four building possibilities, allowing you to create anything you imagine. Start your career as a bridge builder and earn up to eighty dollars a day. Your earnings will be based on how well you play, so be sure to work hard! You can even change your avatar and clothing with ease. It is recommended that you play with at least four other people online at the same time, so that you can have a chance to get more jobs and earn higher wages. Once you have passed the test, you will be provided with an identity log that will allow you to access the site and continue your journey as a professional bridge builder.

Using the internet, anyone can enjoy this wonderful game. Players do not need special equipment to play Bridge Base Online. Although it is fairly basic graphics, everything else is carefully researched to ensure a great gaming experience for everyone. Each of the sixteen playing fields is made of a square where the player will place their bridge in the center. Using the arrow keys, players can maneuver their bridge to any of the four corners of the square. The aim of the game is to make your bridge to reach the finish line without touching any of the other player’s bridges.

You are rated by a number which goes up every time you play. The higher your rating, the better your chances are of getting jobs and earning higher wages. Once you have reached a certain point in your rating, you will be able to use special ads that will transport you from one side of the board to the other. If you want to increase your earnings and make your Bridge Base Games more exciting, be sure to stay a sharp player and try all the new challenges that this game has to offer.