What’s Up With Bridge Base Online?

Bridge Base Incorporated was founded in 1990 by George Gitelman, executive vice president, and Sherri Winestock, president, a team of entrepreneurs who were drawn together by the need to build a network of professionals to serve as mentors and coaches. In order to provide a forum for these young people to share their experiences, the company developed its own training program that continues to evolve each year. This article will discuss how the Bridge Base business model evolved from an informal network of personal mentors to a more formal corporate mentoring program.

The business model that we call Gmat started out as a network of like minded people who wanted to develop a mentorship relationship with one another. Initially Bridge Base operated under a “one man show” format, where members would create their own events and invite others to join them. Eventually this model changed to a “two-man show,” where a large number of people were invited to attend, but only a single member was invited to make a presentation. The primary reasons for this change were that the members felt that a two-person show was less intimidating, as it implied a less formal dress and a relaxed atmosphere.

After a while, the Bridge Base Network grew in size, but not nearly as rapidly as the Gmat had grown. As more members joined the network, more people started participating in events to expand the network. Because the networking grew, some of the members started participating in other businesses. This included hosting business events and putting on meetings between people in the various industries.

Eventually the Gmat became so big that it expanded into other areas. People started participating in various activities, such as seminars, conferences, events and other events. By this time the bridge Base online business model had evolved into a more professional-style business.

The Gmat now has several corporate structures, each with different levels of involvement in the events and other activities. Some of these structures involve providing information about the events on the business website, others involve hosting the events, while others involve hiring professional speakers to come to events and offer information and other opportunities for participants to engage in the event. Many events include a mix of all of these components.

At present, Bridge Base is still very small in scale, with only ten or twenty members in all. However, it has grown considerably in size over the past few years. As a result of the growth of the business model, Bridge Base has grown and diversified, providing more opportunities for participation and more opportunities for success. for its members.