Start Up Tips For a New Web Designer

Base Bridge Online allows you to get started with your new website. All you need is a unique URL, your own domain name and a CMS to host it on (we have a huge list of providers below).

To start up your Base Bridge Online, you will need to register your domain name. Once this is done, you can then select the CMS or content management system that you are going to use to build your website.

What you choose to host your website is entirely up to you. You can choose from either Dreamweaver Drupal or WordPress. Each CMS has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

I am going to focus on Dreamweaver as it is extremely popular and is probably the easiest to use. It is also available as a plugin, so you don’t even need to download anything.

Once you have registered your domain and chosen a CMS, the next step in starting up your Base Bridge Online is to upload the content to your new website. This will mean you choose what HTML, CSS and JavaScript files you want to use for your site. A great way to help create your site is to write some articles that are relevant to your business.

Dreamweaver comes with a plugin called e-mini, which is used to manage e-commerce. WordPress is considered to be the most popular CMS as it is free to use and does not require any installation. Its benefits are that it is easy to use, has lots of plugins and uses Markdown to format your HTML.

Plug-ins are also very important. You will need to know about plug-ins if you don’t want to get into trouble later. You should keep your site updated with new content and your visitors will love you for it.

Different types of sites allow you to add services, add new pages, make a video, apply for SSL certificates etc. If you are new to web design, I suggest you create a site that is small and simple so you can get your feet wet.